All of our services are delivered with specific and practical advice for maximising the return on your investment. The aim is to have you using all that you have learned so that your investment pays for itself many times over.

We take a very tailored approach, so if you can’t find what you are looking for below, please give us a call on 0403 576 925 to discuss your specific requirements.

Corporate Consulting
Get Your Story Straight Workshop
The first step in developing a marketing plan or refreshing an existing marketing approach.

Great Marketing Habits Action Plan
A tactical and practical approach to marketing with methods and timings specifically designed to suit you and your business.

Personal Coaching
Reach Your Potential
One on one coaching to get your story started. We will define your goals, develop your story and formulate a personalised plan to market yourself in a way that feels comfortable and achievable.

Corporate Speaking
Would your staff or colleagues be inspired by the concept of storytelling for business success or finding your marketing sweet spot? Leah is available to speak at corporate events and conferences. Contact Straight Shooter today to discuss topics that would delight the audience and get them thinking about their own stories.

Stay tuned for details on upcoming events and seminars.

Corporate Writing
Well Planned and Well Written

Communicating your story through articles, reports and corporate histories can be a great way to reach your audience. We understand that these projects can be time consuming and difficult to complete on top of your business priorities, so consider outsourcing to a specialist writer.

Leah can work with you to develop and write a range of materials to suit your overall marketing approach.

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