Contact Straight Shooter today.

Leah Taylor

Phone 0403 576 925

Straight Shooter is based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Preferred contact is via email. Thank you.

One comment on “Contact

  1. Steven Carter says:


    I didn’t want to cold call your business as we all find that annoying if we’re busy; instead I was hoping this email would make it possible to arrange a quick chat at your convenience?

    I’m hoping to discuss how, if at all, you would like to improve your website? (

    I’m sure you receive many emails offering similar, meaning I need to try and stand out. I pride myself on the service we provide, I always go the extra mile for customers and I have many testimonials to back this up.

    I’d like to offer you a free in-depth consultation over a quick chat that will cover many important factors on how to improve your conversion. This consultation is completely free and will benefit any website owner.

    If you would like we can also discuss How to generate qualified leads and inquiries every week through your site.

    I can give you a call to discuss the above ideas.

    Kind Regards,
    Steven Carter

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