Leah Taylor

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Leah Taylor

When my early aspirations to be a Broadway star or Australia’s next Jana Wendt did not turn out as planned, marketing found me and we have happily worked together ever since.

Over 20 years I have successfully combined my natural talent for storytelling with effective marketing theory. I honed my skills as a senior in-house marketing manager across industries including professional services, finance, not-for-profits and government.

Straight Shooter allows me to focus on being a consultant, writer and coach – sharing all I have learned about professional services marketing and developing simple and achievable programs that can be applied for all types of businesses and people.

My approach is particularly effective with people and businesses that are either not fans of marketing or not naturally gifted marketers. I am happy to take the time to teach them how to find their ‘marketing sweet spot’.

Storytelling is a great way to make yourself heard and understood – and to learn from and understand others. Great stories sell. So getting your story straight should be the foundation for any strategic marketing or communication plan.

I tell my three school-aged children that we are “a storytelling family” and they seem to understand what I mean. They are all natural storytellers – a skill which I hope they will confidently embrace as they mature.

I look forward to working with you to unlock and share your story.


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